Friends of the Library

The Friends of Kingston Community Library ( are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic library lovers. We strive to support the Library in all that it does by hosting various fund-raising efforts. All funds raised go directly to supporting the Library's mission.

The Friends assist the Library by providing museum passes, tending the library's gardens, purchasing supplies, and sponsoring educational and entertaining programs, including Family Pizza and a Movie Nights once a month.
Are you looking for a way to give back to your community and get involved? Why not become a Friend? Meet fellow library lovers and participate in fun and rewarding special events such as bake sales, book sales, gardening projects, and special programs!

The Friends meet at the Library on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.
Individual: $10
Family: $20
Lifetime: $300

Members are entitled to 5 free books from the Library's ongoing book sale.

One of the major projects undertaken by the Friends of the Kingston Community Library is the library gardens.

Kingston Community Library Gardens

Click here for a full list of plants in the gardens.

In 2011, The Friends of the Kingston Library formed a garden committee, led by Rie Sluder, to design and maintain the library gardens.  The goal was to create a setting with an interesting mix of trees, shrubs and perennials that would provide a nice respite for library patrons. The landscaping of the library grounds took over two years to complete and is still a work in progress.

The front of the library has three hawthorn trees planted to the left.  We plan to plant ivy, day lilies and spring bulbs at the base to provide some color to that side of the building.  To the right of the entrance, a formal herb garden was planted as a teaching gardening.  It is divided into culinary herbs, fragrant herbs, vegetable dye plants and medicinal plants. In time we will connect it to the website so that visitors can look up the details of the herbs growing in the garden.  We also plan to have programs for the public on herbal topics. 

Across the parking lot, Girl Scout Troop #10528 created a nature trail through the wooded property of the library in 2013. They also installed the butterfly garden and built its hard scape.  The Friends garden committee has taken over the care of the garden.

Along the old West property border of the grounds, a privacy fence was installed in 2013. It provides a back drop for specimen trees and shrubs and helps impart a feeling of intimacy for patrons who sit out on the patio.  The perennials were donated by members of the community as well as some of the trees.

The Church street side of the library provided a design conundrum because of the steep slope created by the drainage ditch.  We had planted a hedge of red knockout roses along the top but they did not fare well over the past harsh winter.  The area is now planted with wild day lilies, variegated grasses, the surviving roses, Annabelle hydrangea and rhododendrons from the Nichols library. The steep side is planted with black-eyed Susan, gold thread Cyprus and add color and  texture as well as to prevent erosion.

 The Nichols rhododendrons had to be removed from the building’s foundations to fix drainage problems so we moved them to the library.  They look a little ragged but rhododendrons are tough and we hope they will recover to make a green privacy fence from the shopping center across the road.  We also planted a small grove of hemlocks to extend the green privacy fence around the corner.  Azaleas and mountain laurel shrubs are planted in front of them.

Future plans for the library gardens include a sensory garden of raised beds around the patio to give people with disabilities a chance to get close and personal with the plants; a children’s garden and a wildflower garden along the nature trail.  We thank all of those who have contributed to the garden in one way or another.  Donations made to Friends of the Kingston Community Garden are tax deductible  to the full extent of the law. 

Click here for a full list of plants in the herb garden.

Partial List of Planted Shrubs and Trees
Planting alongside of the road
 wild day lilies, variegated grass,  knockout roses, Annabelle hydrangea, rhododendron from Nichols library, lemon thread Cyprus, Blue Star junipers, Wiltoni juniper, “Show Off” forsythia by telephone pole
Corner where the hemlocks are
  mountain laurel, Andromeda, northern light series azaleas
Against the privacy fence
  Holly Ilex xmeserveae (blue princess and blue prince); Fat Albert blue spruce, Jane Magnolia (winter damage), burgundy smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria)
Right of the maple  in view from the patio
 Olga Mezitt small leaf rhododendron,  Kousa Dogwood, endless summer hydrangea, red, white and pink large leaf rhododendrons; snowflake viburnum, Andromeda
End of bed by parking lot
 old fashion weigela, Stewartia pseudocamellia, spring flowering witch hazel, Prairie Fire crab apple 
Herb Garden
  Coralburst flowering crab apple;  Fine Wine and Roses weigela, Fat Albert blue spruce, boxwood, PGM small leaf rhododendron, spring flowering witch hazel